April 23, 2024



On April 8, 2024 the formerly intent-to-use in commerce application for "PAZE", filed by the parent company of Zelle, was approved for publication in the Trademark Gazette. This happened after the Examining Attorney had a change of heart; the reason for which is not made of record seriously suggesting there was some communcations between Zelle and the Examining Attorney that were not made of record. This would not be a surprise as Zelle is shady as hell.


What Happens Next??


Now it is time for the Real PAZETM - People Against Zelle Erryday to take action. The purpose of publishing the trademark application in the Gazette is so that third parties with an interest in the published mark, like the real PAZETM - People Against Zelle Erryday can step in and fix any holes or reasoning that was flawed when the Examining Attorney  concluded the application was good to publish.


For example, the real PAZE - People Against Zelle Erryday will assert things like Zelle committing Fraud on the trademark office, the mark is descriptive of Zelle's new service because it "pays" for online transactions when selected, and that Zelle had not been using the mark "Paze" in commerce.


For the Fraud example, check this out. Just two weeks before Zelle had to submit a specimen showing their website the website looked like this:


However since the PAZE mark was rejected by the Trademark Office as being too descriptive of the new Zelle services (e.g., "paze" can be said to descibe "pays"), Zelle had the clever idea to replace all instances of the word "Pay" right before they submitted the specimen. So the Specimen submitted makes it appear that Zelle did not even have the word "pays" in mind when they chose "paze" and it is just a coincidence. Scandelous. The specimen looked like this:


On This not so subtle attempt  by Zelle to fool the Traemark Office into thinking that the services beign offered by Zelle under the "Paze" trademark are not described by the word "pays." I think a 3rd grader could figure out what is going on here: if the website does not use the words payment or pays or the like then maybe the Trademark Office won't think the trademark describes our payment service..... Not too smooth and pretty sloppy.


Another quick example, Zelle claims they used the mark Paze in commerce back on March 2023. However there are countless articles out there where high ranking officials at Zelle say point blank that Paze is not being offered in  the market, for example see this article: LINK TO ENTIRE ARTICLE


Generally this is James Anderson, Director of Paze and highest ranking official at Zelle who works with their new Paze service doing an inteview where he makes clear that:



"We’ve been, not in the market, but working on it,"


Since this article was published in September 2023 it would seem that someone lied to the either the Trademark Office or to the Executives, my money is to the Trademark Office. 


Or maybe you prefer this one, published even later, October 30, 2023 wherein James said: Full article here:


We had contemplated doing the rollout this year, but felt it was more prudent to take a bit of a step back and make sure everything has been working as planned,” he says. And then "Paze is currently in the “first wave” of its rollout, testing its technology with the “tens of thousands” of wallets it has built for the employees of its owner banks"


So just like when Zelle illegally attacked my X/Twitter page as "impersonating or trademark" violations, they too lie to the Trademark Office, and not to metion all of their customers.  


So the next matter of business for the real PAZE - People Agaisnt Zelle Erryday is to step in and stop Zelle's trademark application from registering and giving Zelle the power to further harass and illegally wield some trademark rights. I have notified Zelle of my intention, if they stay silent I move forward aggressively.


Stay tuned.....


April 15, 2023






On April 4, 2024 Zelle's fourth PAZE related application was rightfully suspended in view of the real PAZETM - People Against Zelle Errday. Zelle filed for "Paze Pulse", a not so subtle attempt to encroach on the real PAZE market with a similar mark, in class 035 for "conducting business research andsurveys; Preparing business reports." on February 1, 2024.


This is Zelle's second attempt to move directly into the real PAZE market. On October 12, 2023 Zelle filed for the exact mark but for a newsletter related to their yet to be released product they ironically call PAZE. (not affiliated). Tha application is currently under rejection because they got a little sloppy while filing the application... this is not the first trademark application that they got sloppy on, I plan to show they got very sloppy on their application for "PAZE" here in the next few weeks. Stay tuned....


The suspended "Paze  Pulse" application is a 1(b) intent to use application, while the first "Paze Pulse" was a 1(a), or an already used in commerce application, which has alot of sloppy problems as well I will be pointing out when the time is right...




March 29, 2024





In a desperate attempt to silence PAZE, Zelle has fradulantly reported to Twitter that PAZE - People Against Zelle Errday was trying to impersonate them or infringe their trademark. See letter below from Twitter:


This email was received by P.A.Z.E., LLC after posting on Twitter about the antitrust model being used for Zelle, and now for Zelle's new offering PAZE. Zelle is claiming they own the trademark PAZE when they DO NOT.
P.A.Z.E., LLC owns the mark legitimately and has been using it in commerce consistently. This shows the lengths that Zelle will go to try and silence the real PAZE.


The final posts from PAZE that prompted such activity from Zelle are below and were posted on March 28, 2024, one day before PAZE received the email from Twitter and had the account suspended due to a fraudulant report made.


The small image in the post is what worried aobut.
The chat is of a screenshot P.A.Z.E., LLC had posted. The screen shot dicusses the improper and anticompetitive behavior of the banks and VISA when starting Zelle's PAZE (herein "zPAZE"). This is probably what Zelle was most worried about. See it below:
Of course we have protested the suspension  by Twitter and planto give Zelle a taste of theirown medicine.